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Little Tommy - 11.3hh

Little Lisa is an amazing proper little filly in every way!  She has build, type, quality and an adorably sweet and quiet temperament that will melt your heart.  Everyone who meets her loves how she will fall asleep just standing near them, enjoying human company.  We were calling this phenomenal little filly, Cinnamon Girl, but after learning the story behind her original given name, we have decide to honor and continue her recognition as "Little Lisa".
Little Lisa was named after Patrick's grandfathers mare, a chestnut mare named Lisa, who produced many great foals that sold for top dollar. Little Lisa was named after this mare (who she also goes back to in her pedigree) in honor of her and for luck.  Lisa is sired by the famous Little Tommy in Ireland, and was imported at the side of her dam, our tiny 10.2hh mare, Mini Rose!  Thank you to Patrick Stokes and family for this amazing filly!

2017 Sorrel Mini Gypsy Filly

To mature 11.2hh

Sire: Little Tommy

Dam: Stokes Mini Rose

Stokes Mini Rose - 10.2hh