MHB Gypsy Ponies, LLC

Purebred Gypsy Ponies 10-13hh

Sire: Tom Dooley's Jackpot

Mini Rose Foals

2011 Gypsy Mare

E/e, nT - 10.2hh

GHRA registered

Sire: Tom Dooley's Jackpot

Dam: The Gypsy Mare

All the way from IRELAND! I am very excited to announce this TINY, PROPER and PUREBRED 10.2hh Mini Gypsy mare, Mini Rose has joined our program!  This mare has proven herself over the years to be worth her weight in GOLD, consistently out-producing herself, stamping her foals with amazing conformation, thick bone, gorgeous archy rainbow necks, wide drafty bodies, HAIR and sweet, gentle temperaments!  Mini Rose has become the great Matriarch of our program as we have retained her 11.3hh daughter, Little Lisa, her 10.3hh son, Tiny Tim, and her 2021 grand daughter, Little Mona Lisa (to stay a tiny 10.2hh)!  Mini Rose continues to stamp her foals and even her grand-foals with her amazing quality characteristics and TINY SIZE!  She has proven to throw sizes down into the 10hh range so if you are looking for TINY and QUALITY then you'll want a Mini Rose foal! 

I can't thank the Stokes family enough for giving me this amazing opportunity to bring Mini Rose here to America, she is definitely leaving her stamp across the country!

Mini Rose is confirmed in foal to Little Boy Blue for 2022!