MHB Gypsy Ponies, LLC

Purebred Gypsy Ponies 10-13hh

2009 Chestnut Gypsy Mare

e/e, A/a - 12.3hh

Sire: 11.1hh Son of Dick Smith's Black Horse

Dam: 13hh Blue and White mare (sister to Natwest!)

GVHS #GV02726P

"Gucci" is a very welcomed returned addition to our program!  We leased this beautiful mare from Lexlin's Mare Lease Program for 2013 and 2014 and absolutely fell in love with every ounce of this girl!  She has a shy but sweet personality, mysterious but very loving.  She's easy to handle, the kids love to groom her, and ever since we taught her to smile for a treat that's how she says "Hello!" to us every time she sees us, warming our hearts and brightening our days.  This mare is not only TOP TOP quality, with full bellbottom feather on all four feet, hair hanging from every part of her body (including a thick mustache most stallions would be jealous of!), but her sweet temperament and clown personality are the icing on the cake!  Gucci is a permanent addition here and we look forward to seeing the quality of her foals she gives us!

Gucci was hand chosen as a yearling from Tom Price's herd by Lexlin Gypsy Ranch during one of their many trips overseas.  Her quality was clear to see even as a yearling, and she is very generous with passing her quality down!  Her 2016 filly has full bellbottoms as a weanling and has hair hanging from every inch of her body just as Gucci does.  We are eager to see what else Gucci gives us in the future!

Gucci is confirmed in foal to Danny Daly's PICASSO for an April 2021 foal!

Foals by Gucci