MHB Gypsy Ponies, LLC

Purebred Gypsy Ponies 10-13hh

3 foals by Risk Factor due May-June 2017!

  • Our goal is to see 10hh-13hh Gypsy Ponies result from this program.  This size range will excel as driving ponies and children's riding ponies, as well as in halter classes, obstacle classes (in-hand, driving or child riding), and as lovable family horses.

  • This is a completely new class of the Gypsy horse being introduced to North America!

  • All of our Gypsy Ponies will be registered with GHA/GHRA.

sat sep 27

A big win for The Risk Factor at HFC - Danville, IN!  Two 1sts and a 2nd in driving!

What's New?

2017 Midwest Horse Fair!

Look for Risk Factor in Stallion Avenue at Midwest Horse Fair, April 21-23, 2017!

An interview with world renown Fred Walker!
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Mini-gypsy registries

  • The following are registries that WILL register Gypsy horses under 13hh.

  • Click the link to go to the Registry website

What we do?

sun may 8

Our first foal by Risk Factor is here!  He's a TINY gorgeous colt!

Home of "The Risk Factor"

imported 11.2hh Gypsy Stallion!