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Q: What is a PUREBRED Mini Gypsy?

A: This is a Gypsy Vanner/Cob/Horse (whatever term you prefer) that is born from two registered Gypsy Horse parents, bred selectively for downsizing (ie: a 14hh to a 13.2hh, 13.2hh to 13hh, 13hh to 12.2hh, etc.) and will mature typically between 11-13hh range. A Gypsy horse 13hh or smaller is considered a "Mini Gypsy".

Q: What is the difference between a "Mini Gypsy Cob" or "Gypsy Pony"?
A: Both terms are the same. The term "Mini Gypsy Cob" or "Mini Cob" is regularly used overseas, where this smaller size of the breed was developed. When I first imported Mini Gypsies in 2012, the term "Mini Gypsy" was frowned upon, since the height was not of true miniature status (38" and Under), so I coined the term "Gypsy Pony" since my program focused on 11-13hh range, pony size, anyways. Today, Mini Gypsy is now widely accepted as the breed continued to grow in popularity and numbers, so now today, you may see them called Mini Gypsy Cob or Gypsy Pony - they are the same thing [😊]

Q: What is a "Mini Gypsy Horse" vs a "Mini Gypsy Cob"?

A: This can get very confusing for anyone new to the breed. A Mini Gypsy "HORSE" is a cross between the American Miniature Horse and a purebred Gypsy Horse. A Mini Gypsy "COB" is a PUREBRED Gypsy bred down in size generation by generation, with no pony crossed in. A Purebred Mini Gypsy Cob should look like it's traditional Gypsy breed in a smaller size; thick bone, drafty build, ample feather in FRONT of the leg as much as in back, from the knee down. They will be drafty in build and gentle in nature. A cross bred Mini Gypsy will be smaller in size, with a goal of achieving a true "miniature" size (38" and Under), and will be less drafty in build, and often less feather (hair) on the legs (feather is a recessive gene). When shopping for a Mini Gypsy, one of the first questions to ask is, "Is this a purebred, or a cross?" so that you, as the customer, know what you are buying. Many people new to the breed are misled as to what they actually bought. Some people want a cross bred, some people want a purebred - know what you are looking for and ask the question!

Q: Why are Purebred Mini Gypsies so expensive?

A: This smaller size of the breed has been a long-term project started by the breeders overseas in Ireland and UK, over the past 30 years, certain breeders have selectively bred to downsize their stock. For a while, 12hh seemed to be the plateau, but within the past 10 years the 11hh range has been attained, and now some even into the 10hh range! With these lines being Purebred, many times the foals are taller throwbacks to their ancestors. There is no guarantee you'll get a small foal from two small parents. For example, out of 10 mares bred, one may throw a smaller foal. Even then, if bred back to the same stallion, their next foal could be a tall throwback. There's no guarantee on height. Breeding down in size takes a lot of time, patience and perseverance on a breeders part. When a smaller foal is born, it is like a DIAMOND! And a breeder wants to keep the small ones for the next generation of downsizing...if someone wants to buy the small one, it's going to cost them big money, because who knows when that breeder may get another small foal in the years to come. It takes YEARS of breeding, waiting, praying and hoping that knowing your lines, heights, pedigrees, bloodlines, etc and pairing them together right, will be rewarding in a years time. The smaller the Mini Gypsy, the more valuable they are due to the rarity of the outcome.

Q: How much does a Purebred Mini Gypsy cost?
12hh range values - 10-25k on average
11hh range values - 25-50k on average
10hh range values - 50-150k on average
These are real values on the current market for PUREBRED Mini Gypsies, both overseas and in North America! The cost to import right now ranges 13-20k, not including the purchase price of the animal itself. These costs drive up the values along with the quality, conformation, temperament, type and size of the Mini Gypsy itself. Just because they are smaller in size does not make them cheaper, in fact it is quite the opposite!

Q: What do you do with a Purebred Mini Gypsy? Aren't they too small to ride or do much with unless you are a child?
A: The answer is, NO! They aren't too small for an average adult, and YES you can ride them! You can ride, drive, show at the Gypsy Breed shows, enjoy them on trails, at leisure, or work your way up to WORLD CHAMPION status! Remember, this is a small DRAFT pony, not to be confused with a narrow-bodied, light boned pony. Going by the 20% rider weight rule, the average weights of our Purebred Mini Gypsies are:
10hh range - 500-650# - can carry up to 130#
11hh range - 650-850# - can carry up to 170#
12hh range - 750-950# - can carry up to 190#
13hh range - 1000-1200# - can carry up to 240#
These are DRAFT PONIES! Denser in bone, heavier and wider in build than your average pony, so don't let their short height stature fool you...this breed is bred for stamina and heart! They won't be your barrel racing pony, or long-distance endurance pony but they will be your best friend, trusted steed and best trail or show competition partner ever [❤] they are gentle in nature, so are amazing for children or people with anxiety. This breed is bred to DRIVE so if you are wanting a small, drafty driving partner then this breed is perfect for you!

Q: Where do you register a Purebred Mini Gypsy / Gypsy Pony?

A: Being purebred, they are accepted by the Breed registries; GHRA and GVHS!

Q: Can you show a Purebred Mini Gypsy at the breed shows?

A: Yes! Some shows have even started holding "13.2hh and Under" divisions just for Mini Gypsies!

Q: How can I afford one of these amazing Purebred Mini Gypsies?

A: We at MHB Gypsy Ponies are happy to work with families on long term financing if needed, to help just about any family bring home their very own MHB Mini Gypsy! We often reserve our in-utero foals a year in advance, and accept long-term payments on them for 16-18 months through weaning. We really love when our foals reserve in-utero so we know we are breeding for a purpose, and with an amazing home waiting for them! We don't usually have older stock available, since this breed is still so new to North America, we need our mature stock for our breeding program, but every once in a while we may have one to offer as we retain a foal for the future. Our goal is to make sure our customers are extremely happy with their MHB Gypsy Pony, and though most people who buy from us never expect to spend as much on a foal, they're all 110% happy that they did when they get them home, and many are repeat customers! We love seeing our MHB foals in happy, loving homes and would love to see YOU with your very own as well!

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