MHB Gypsy Ponies, LLC

Purebred Gypsy Ponies 10-13hh

MHB Peekaboo Flame

The Risk Factor x Gucci - this pairing has proven to be a WINNER!  This colt is not only displaying amazing conformation head to toe, but he is TINY!  Risk Factor has done it again!  Havi is measured to mature around 12.2hh, he has heavy bone and a ton of feather already at just a few weeks old, this boy is one for the future!  Gucci's 2016 filly was a knockout with heavy bone, MEGA feather, and the sweetest temperament ever and her 2017 colt is nothing less!  We would love to see him go to a home as a gelding and be shown and promote the Mini Gypsy, but we would consider offering him in tact to a serious show/breeding home.


MHB Risky Dream

The Risk Factor x WHR Reese's Pieces have done it again!  These two produced a stunning tiny colt in 2016 (MHB Risky Business) and now this amazing little colt is blowing us away with his TINY size (measured to mature only 11.2hh!) and his extremely mellow, laid back, and super friendly temperament.  This boy is the epitome of what we strive to breed for here at MHB Gypsy Ponies!

SOLD!  Congratulations!

2017 Foals

MHB Risky Behavior

Tartok x WW Brighid Lasair - this 2017 foal is going to be HEAVY!  This foal will be a more traditional size, Brighid is 13.2hh and Tartok is 14hh.  Both exhibit heavy bone, nice solid build, tons of feather and typical sweet Gypsy temperament.  This foal will be solid, and could be red or black.  This one will be stellar!  One for the show ring or breeding program!

It's a FILLY!  This girl is SOLID and TANKY, built to perfection, and she's shy, but super sweet and curious!   This girl is going to be amazing in the show ring, and would be a solid trail mount just like her dam!  Her pedigree boasts some of the best, old-style, traditional Gypsy horses and she