MHB Gypsy Ponies, LLC

Purebred Gypsy Ponies 10-13hh

We are eagerly anticipating our very first home-bred TRUE MINI GYPSY here at MHB Gypsy Ponies from The Risk Factor (11.2hh) and WHR Reese's Pieces (12hh)!  This is going to be an awesome "little" purebred Gypsy that should stay in the 11-12hh range.  Both sire and dam have extremely mellow temperaments, exactly the temperament this breed is well known and cherished for and I am excited to be able to offer an amazing, well-bred, and superb temperament foal in 2016! 

Due May 2016!

2016 Foals

HSF Nevaeh X Tartok - this 2016 foal is going to be stunning!  A more traditional sized foal is expected out of these two, to be around 13-14hh.  This foal is guaranteed quality conformation, solid color, and may be palomino, sorrel, smokey black, or black!  If you want a quality horse to show and/or add to your breeding program, this one will be it!  Tartok has proven to throw quality with his 2014 colt and I have a feeling this foal is going to be just as stunning, if not better! 


MHB Risky Business - "Bandit"

Gucci x Thomas Bay - this foal is screaming QUALITY!!  Regardless of color, this foal is going to be one for the show ring or to improve any breeding program!  Gucci is a mare of rare TOP quality with full bellbottom feather on all four feet, dripping with hair (beard, neck, chest, belly, butt, and mustache!), and has a super sweet, quiet temperament.  Paired with Lottery Horse son, Thomas Bay, this foal is going to be amazing!

Due May 2016!


MHB Tartok's Legacy - "Smokey"

MHB Miss LeVian - "Evie"