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Mini-gypsy registries

  • The following are registries that WILL register Gypsy Ponies under 13hh.

  • Click the link to go to the Registry website

  • Our program specializes in 10hh-13hh PUREBRED Mini Gypsy Cobs / Gypsy Ponies.  This size range excels as driving ponies for people of all ages, riding ponies for children and small adults, as well as in halter classes, obstacle classes (in-hand, driving or child riding), and as lovable family horses.

  • This is a completely new size of the Gypsy horse being introduced to North America! (Already well established overseas)

  • All of our Gypsy Ponies will be registered with GHRA/GHA.

What we do?

Little Bruno starts big!

11.3hh Little Bruno wins Res. Champion Jr Stallion with trainer/handler, Tasha Byerly!

Welcome 10.2hh Mini Rose!

We are proud to acquire the smallest Mini Gypsy mare in North America!

Home of the smallest Purebred

Mini Gypsy Cobs in North America!

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