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Purebred Gypsy Ponies 10-13hh

Little Tommy - 11.3hh

Owned by Patrick Stokes - Ireland

Ireland's ITCO Supreme Champion Stallion 2017!

Fred Walker's "Valentino" 12hh)

Located in the UK

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Gypsy Cob UK

Pictured is a 2 year old Miniature Gypsy stud standing next to a 14hh sized Gypsy horse  (Photo courtesy of


Examples of "Mini-Gypsies" from overseas

Specializing in Purebred Mini Gypsy Ponies 10hh - 13hh!

In August 2012, I imported 11.2hh "The Risk Factor" from the UK.  He is the first "Mini-Gypsy" to be imported to America specifically to breed for Purebred Mini Gypsy Cobs in North America, and maintained status as the Smallest Purebred (mature) Gypsy Stallion in North America from 2012 to 2018!

In October 2017, I imported 10.2hh "Mini Rose" and her phenomenal 11.2hh filly, Little Lisa, from Patrick Stokes in Ireland.  This proper, tiny, purebred Mini Gypsy mare and her filly are the next step in my program for breeding quality, purebred Mini Gypsy foals below 12hh range.  She officially marks us as owning the smallest purebred Gypsy mare in North America!  Today, MHB Gypsy Ponies has imported several more hand-chosen, PUREBRED, top quality Miniature Gypsy Cobs to offer quality foals to North America AND offers IMPORTED FROZEN SEMEN from only the BEST quality Mini Gypsy Stallions overseas!  We will have a few INCOMPARABLE quality foals available from these stallions in the future, for the serious Mini Gypsy breeder!

Shortly after importing Risk Factor in 2012, I started a group on Facebook - "Purebred Gypsy Ponies Under 13hh in North America" and heavily promoted the creation and development of this smaller class of Gypsy horse, reaching out to the far corners of North America in search of others who may own smaller Gypsy horses and slowly they started creeping out of the woodwork.  There are currently less than 100 Purebred "mini-Gypsies" in North America (under 13hh), but with recent discovery and interest I am starting to see a few more being imported and am thrilled to see a few breeders planning foals for the coming years that will stay under 13hh!

Located in central Wisconsin, MHB Gypsy Ponies started out in 2003 as "Mini Hoof Beats" specializing in show quality, family friendly miniature horses.  Over the years I experimented with other breeds including gaited horses, Friesians, Shires and Clydesdales.  I fell in love with the Gypsy horse because of it's drafty build in a smaller size, fairytale hair and feather and natural laid back, easygoing temperament. 

I bought my first Gypsy horse, Tartok, in 2011.  Soon after, I learned of the "miniature" Gypsy horse being bred overseas in UK and Ireland.  30+ years ago, breeders overseas took their 15hh Gypsy horses and started breeding down in size for smaller cart-sized cobs inch by inch.  Today you can find purebred Miniature Gypsies overseas ranging 11-13hh, and some breeders have extremely rare stock below 11hh (for a very hefty price!).

Today, this smaller size is quickly becoming popular as more people realize how versatile they really are!  Great for children, but also still hefty enough to be enjoyed by adults!  I have a feeling these loveable little Gypsy horses will find a place in several of our hearts in the coming years as they become more available!

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